Spain, Tarifa is known as the surfer’s paradise in Europe. It lies in the south most part of the coast of Spain.
With a population of approx. 11380 people this place holds the status of a sanctuary for surfing fanatics. The Town holds a variety of attractions. Tarifa beautifully blends the cultures of Arabic and Spanish in itself. The wind of Tarifa is the deity of surfer but what brings other people to this place is it‘s culture. The local population of Tarifa is a mix of multiple nationalities and cultures as well.
Windsurfers, mainly from various European countries, have been visiting Tarifa since 1980’s and many of them stayed to set-up businesses and raise families there. This is how Tarifa has a magnanimous blend of Spanish, Italian, French, German, Dutch and English, and most of these speak at least two different languages. Most of the people in the town earn their livelihood from beach sports.

Tarifa offers mouthwatering delicacies when it comes to food. Tortillita de camarones is a typical tapas dish from Cádiz, is a dish that must be tried by every tourist. It is made by mixing different flours with prawns, onions and parsley. Pescaíto frito, Salmorejo, Arroz almadrabero are some other traditional plates that are normally found on the tables of every tapas bar in Tarifa. Its gastronomy and tapas come with a variety of tastes.
The hills around the town hide many romantic, secluded houses. These town houses give a beautiful view across the Straits of Gibraltar to Morocco.
The general vibe of Tarifa is quite laid back and the town has a historic appeal. The castle which is the most famous monument in Tarifa, and the construction of it dates back in centuries. Other attractions in Tarifa include: Alameda (a beautiful avenue for strolling), Plaza de la Ranita (town square with a fountain), Castle of Guzman the Beauneo, Miramar Gardens, Jerez Gate and Santa Catalina castle. Port, shopping, theatre are also some of the other things you can do while you are in Tarifa. The nightlife in Tarifa is absolutely beautiful. You can go whale watching, Wind surfing, Bird watching, horse riding, scuba diving and take Morocco trips.
If you are going for kite surfing make sure you visit Tarifa around June-July through October-November.